Executive Profile

Dr. Mikhail Artamonov

Dr. Artamonov is Chief executive Officer and Founder of the newly formed MJA Healthcare
Research and Development Inc. He is a Lower Back Pain physician who uses a holistic approach to treat his
patients. He is also a seasoned entrepreneur and is funding the creation of a MJA Healthcare Research
and Development Center with a group of other private investors.

Prof. Hanne B Alberts

is serving as the Chief Scientific Officer, and being a scientific researcher with
decades of experience in Clinical research at the University of Southern Denmark, will be overseeing the
sample collection and biomarker discovery attempts with samples she has gathered over the last 15 years.

Dr. Gautam Thor

is the Chief Technology Officer and has extensive experience with imaging analyses and holography (www.CodedImagery.com) as well as the use of mobile phone technologies.

Raymond Harjo

Chief Information Officer has a computer science background and has developed several software and hardware products in his career – and will overlook the management and maintenance of the required databases and will use the www.GoMD.care platform for this (he is the Founder of the newly formed company)

Prof. Eric Chang

is a Clinical Professor of Radiology at the VA Healthcare at UCSD and is very
well versed with analyzing MRI scan data and will be involved with AI analytics of imaging data.

Dr. Shamal Mehta

is a Medical Chemist and Founder of www.ACCCorporation.com, he has decades of experience in medical chemistry and preparation of specialty chemicals for the R&D community.
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